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Out of Darts

Head Media Producer

A web store and YouTube channel dedicated to the highest quality in foam-flinging content and customer service, showcasing community designs, modding tutorials, gameplay, and custom build projects.



The Out of Darts YouTube channel is central to Luke's marketing strategy, creating quality content to entertain and educate customers about the blasters they purchase, modify, and play with. Occasionally we showcase passion projects that may never be available to purchase, including signal boosting many community designs to help the hobby grow as a result.



Any long-form content not suited to the channel usually gets placed here. Whether it's supplementing a video, providing shop updates, or allowing a licensed designer to speak about a new product, the blog serves as a diverse bulletin board to cover those subjects.


Getting involved in the community involves more than just publishing videos and blog posts. Responding to comments, gauging reactions to news in the hobby with polls, and making those videos accessible through methods like closed captioning are just a few ways Out of Darts strives to stay ahead.

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