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Hillsboro UMC

Worship Outreach Leader (Livestream Tech)

Connecting congregation members and visitors alike  through weekly worship livestreams, videos, podcasts, and more. Consulting with other local churches about worship outreach.



From the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, HUMC has provided opportunities to worship remotely with others live on YouTube, as well as over the phone. Steadily the Livestream crew grew to include 3 volunteer roles to maintain the fellowship of the congregation no matter where they are join us.


The most salient part of the service is the Sermon, where the pastor shares God's message of transforming grace and love to everyone on earth. We make it available as a video, audio podcast, and written transcript upon request.


Many congregations and congregants have struggled catching up with the worship outreach needs of the 21st Century, and the pandemic made it only more apparent. Ensuring everyone can join in worship and fellowship with their community through the use of technology helps meet those needs.

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