(Soma)tic Exercise and "Sunbeams Behind Closed Blinds

(Soma)tic Exercise When the sun rises, try to sit up straight and count the sunbeams through your closed blinds. Repeat, if necessary. Before going any further, drink precisely twelve milliliters of water. Think about how it coats your mouth or rinses it entirely. Does the sunlight do the same thing to your skin? Get up. No, get up. I mean it GET UP! Hit snooze on your phone alarm five more times. My latest record is thirty-seven. I once slept through a fire alarm early in the morning. The ringing incorporates into my dream somehow. Attempt to lucidly dream for two weeks. Record them in a journal. Mail an equal portion of the journal to seven psychiatrists. Time their responses and rate them on the extremity of their diagnoses.

Write a sonnet with pen and paper. Share it to Facebook. Reread article six of the United States Constitution. Sign your name like John Hancock’s. Now actually sign your name. Allow four days to practice introducing yourself in ASL. Repeat, if necessary.

Close your eyes with the energy of a breaker switch. I nodded off just typing this into Word. Individually pull each cover over your right shoulder; face the peeling wall nearest you and count the chipped corners. See the variation in the shades cast from the overhead light to the wall you’re observing. Close your eyes again, thinking of what number orange would be. When you wake back up take an hour or so to form your poem. Sunbeams Behind Closed Blinds

And one great breath Weeks later Alarm resounding Killing the synesthetic Experience to blind

My shrink told me to run to where I don’t know the meaning where signs speak with tongues and politely ask to be read your own name you don’t know it’s worth

Shut off the remaining darknesses contrast twenty- one second breaks the barrier to meld the creased eyelid.

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