Freedom is a double-edged sword.

Freedom is a double-edged sword.

One extremity, forged in republic and tarnished in battle,

It leads the charge towards equality and Justice for all.

It shaves the detritus of bygone precedence.

It fences with its foes: Tyrant and Feudal Lord.

It reflects its user, and

It is a beacon of hope among all near.

But, its opposite slices and dices away the flesh of justice.

It hacks through and carves out the meat of intelligent thought.

It is designed to stab, but you can equally be stabbed.

But its evils are necessary,

Its virtues essential,

To the power of the many over the few.

Let us hope, then, that intelligence supersedes the freedom to be stupid.

And that justice isn't carried out in rooms and dark alleys.

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