Three cubes stare at me with their coal-black eyes.

Circling the table we barely outnumber their bodies.

We start for ones.

Nope, those are threes and a six.

Nope, those are fours. That's five.

A miss on both means it's my turn to roll.

Man, there are a lot of fours.

I'll be ready when that round comes.

It does, I'm not.

My first roll is a pair of sixes with a near suicidal two.

The others take turns matching the eyes facing up.

With the bell, the other table has finished before us.

We cycle our bodies around the counters and begin again abusing them.

I toss them under and over for fives, and finally an answer appears.

The dice on the table are dizzy with excitement.

Rattling over the tablecloth, we test technique after technique to get fairer chances.

By chance, the team opposite me rolls three sixes and exclaims.

Thus ends the chance for us, my partner an I.

More games and more rounds provide similarly random results.

Some win some lose.

At the end either extreme gets a prize to drink.


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