Spring Term is No Time for Wookie Mistakes

Our hour has arrived.

The stage is set by scrolling text on a screen, about decisions months before this moment.

Would we describe it as canon to the original or anthological?

Anyhow, we're dished out these choices, and given our own addition to the story.

The New Hope in fall fell,

And something sure Struck Back in winter,

but we have a chance to Return with... Teddy bears?

May you thaw your friends in time, and be freed from the sarlacc's grip.

May you be green lit with the pen as your saber, and throw it down in refusal at least at one moment.

And may you see the forest moon for its defensive shielding, and conquer a second time the mighty spoils from the empire.

Who shot first we may forever debate, but one thing's clear:

"In my experience there's no such thing as luck."


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