I Believe

I believe in love, love that is boundless.

Love that goes far beyond the reaches of time and space.

But love is something we can share, we can hold.

Love is a person you hold hands with.

Love tries to reach out farther for you not knowing if you are still there.

Love is out there, hidden between the grade school crush, and the old couple spending their days of retirement with each other on long walks down the boulevard.

Love is out there, singing the songs of wedding bells, and rocking out to music split in between two ear buds.

Love is out there, the feel of your hands against mine and the last breath you’ll give me as we kiss goodbye.

Love is a first and a last kiss.

Love is a cliche moment in romance, but you don’t care enough to change it.

Love is sharing food when you know they’re hungry.

Love is inescapable, a heart yearning for its counterpart.

Love never ever dies away.

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